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Coming in early 2020, Promise Venture Studio will host our first virtual Early Childhood Demo Week: a week of high quality streaming content and matchmaking that connects 50+ of the most promising ventures and organizations in Early Childhood Development (ECD) with hundreds of existing and new investors, funders, partners, and customers.

With Demo Week, we aim to create a national ECD marketplace for innovation and impact to:

  • make it easier and more efficient for:

    • funders to get a field overview and access to most innovative ventures and organizations

    • promising ventures and organizations to get connected to the right funders, partners, and customers

    • Attract new funders to the ECD innovation ecosystem

  • Accelerate the pace of interventions achieving impact and scale

  • Raise the national profile of social innovation in ECD

Building on the success of Early Futures, Demo Week allows for both more comprehensive coverage of field innovations and more targeted matching of interests. Demo Week will be followed by additional sessions to bring connections to life, including venture deep dives, investor meetings, regional innovation clusters, and customer pilot meetings.

Early Futures Highlights

To get a feel for the types of content and connections to be featured at Demo Week, check out highlights from Early Futures, our inaugural field convening from November 2018.