BabyNoggin is an app platform that allows parents to screen for the 25% of children at risk of developmental and mental health issues, their pediatricians to get reimbursed from insurance, their preschool be compliant to guidelines, and the child to be connected to local resources and treatment when in need.

Impact statement:

CDC reports that 1 out 4 children under age 5 have developmental or behavioral problems, resulting in 1 million kids entering school with undiagnosed disability every year. BabyNoggin’s mission is to help every child achieve early screening, early intervention, and better health outcomes.

The product/service and customer/user:
BabyNoggin platform

  1. educates parents to do developmental (ASQ-3, PEDS, autism) and mental health (social emotional, postpartum depression & other) screenings at the office and at home;

  2. integrates data to their preschools & primary care doctors;

  3. teaches the 15% of moderate risk families with personalized activities;

  4. helps refer the 11% of high-risk children to free local resources when in need