Partner Programs

As researcher, policy maker, educator, health practitioner, advocate, or other expert in early childhood development (ECD), you are a critical part of our mission to spur social entrepreneurship in ECD, as you bring the expertise, connections, insight, and foresight needed to succeed in this space.

You, alongside early childhood entrepreneurs, make up the very innovation ecosystem needed to drive outcomes for children, families and communities facing the greatest adversities.

A core part of our strategy is to source and elevate the field’s most promising entrepreneurial talent and innovations — and bring them forward to the right people at the right time. In order to do that, we need to create and activate connections across ventures and stakeholders (you).

We do this through our Partner Programs that include:

  • Events: Demo days, field convenings, industry events, and local gatherings

  • Connections: Mentor networks and advisory boards

  • Support: Impact standards, local innovation hubs

  • Capital: Funder collaboratives, seed funds

To give you a feel for our Partner Programs, check out Early Futures, our inaugural field convening in November 2018 of 200 leaders from across diverse facets of early childhood. We co-hosted this event with Omidyar Network and Sesame Workshop.

2019 Partner Opportunities

Email us if you are interested in learning more about:

  • Early Childhood Demo Week (coming soon)— We will feature the top 75+ early childhood entrepreneurs in our first virtual Demo Week this fall. Make sure you’re signed up to receive updates.

  • Ongoing opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs and field experts at industry events and conferences

    • Along with select ECD ventures, we plan to be at the following 2019 events: SXSW EDU, LEGO Idea Conference, ASU GSV X, Headstarter Network Early Childhood Summit, STAM.

    • See our Industry Events page for more detail, and let us know if you’ll be there so we can connect!

  • Ongoing Venture Support via expert fireside chats, Ask-Me-Anythings and office hours — Your mentorship is one of the most highly sought-after requests from our entrepreneurs. We will reach out regarding how you can contribute and participate.

Partner Resources

  • ECD Funder Index - growing list of funders who have invested directly in ECD or a related field. Simply fill out this short form if you’re not included and would like to be, or email us if you would like to make any changes to your entry.

  • ECD Venture Index - most comprehensive list of ventures and organizations in this space. Email us if you would like to be put in touch with one directly.

  • Early Futures Index - easily sortable list of the 52 ventures (nonprofit and for-profit) featured at Early Futures, spanning multiple domains (e.g. Child Care, Early Literacy, Early Math, SEL, Responsive Parenting).

  • More to check out on our Resources page.

If you have resource requests, ideas or questions, please contact us any time.

Thank you — we value your partnership and collaboration.