Venture Programs

Hello, you’re here because you’re a social entrepreneur looking to take your venture to the next step towards scale and impact, an academic trying to figure out how to bring your intervention from the lab into the world, an experienced professional from an existing ECD organization eager to test a new idea or increase your reach, or completely new to the field and not sure where to get started.


Wherever you are in your journey, we offer varying levels of programming that will help you achieve your next steps — and accelerate your path to scale and impact. We’ve got a cohort-based Promising Venture Fellowship (think: accelerator for early childhood social entrepreneurs), a Promise Venture Network with immediate visibility to key ECD stakeholders and a slew of venture-building workshops and support, and Open Venture Resources that are available to anyone interested in the space.

Coming fall 2019, we are launching our first Virtual ECD Demo Week (think: a virtual Early Futures with more ventures, organizations, funders, partners and experts) that will feature 75+ promising ECD ventures with the most influential ECD stakeholders: funders, experts, policy makers and more.

Because of our generous and forward-thinking funding partners, all of our programming is free / provided pro bono, and we are able to operate as a nonprofit.

Here are the details:

Promising Ventures Fellowship — applications open April 2019

The Promising Ventures Fellowship is our most personalized program.

We will select a small group of 8-12 ventures that are uniquely positioned to achieve scale and impact, and over the course of 4 months we will help those ventures make significant strides in advancing their work. Fellowship applications will open in April 2019, and our first cohort will launch in June 2019. Make sure you’re on our mailing list to stay updated.

We will work with each each Fellowship team to identify their two highest priority and most ambitious goals for impact and scale. Once we’ve aligned on those goals, we’ll go all-in to support each team in pursuit of those goals. Think of this as an opportunity to get the strength of the Promise team and our network behind your venture.

As a Promising Venture Fellow, you will:

  • Make significant progress against your highest priority and most ambitious goals

  • Receive personalized coaching from both a Promise Advisor (serial early childhood entrepreneur) and a Promise Goal Coach (accountability partner)

  • Sharpen your thinking about your venture AND how to communicate it

  • Increase traction with your target customers and build toward financial sustainability

  • Make meaningful strides in defining, measuring and communicating your social impact

  • Make connections that would be otherwise hard to reach — to new funders, distribution partners and experts

  • Come away with high quality assets that will only continue to benefit you, including pitch decks, sayables and videos

  • Build invaluable relationships with peer entrepreneurs who are not only grappling with similar challenges but have also overcome some of the very challenges you’re facing today

Promise Venture Network — OPEN NOW: complete your profile to get access

The Promise Venture Network is designed to help early childhood entrepreneurs make meaningful new connections to peers, funders, distribution partners and policy makers.

To become part of the Network, your first step is complete your profile page, which will help us match you with the right resources and opportunities. We’ll provide valuable feedback on your profile to sharpen it based on our field experience and funder knowledge.

As a Promise Venture Network member you will:

  • Be immediately included in our Promise ECD Venture Index that is regularly viewed and shared by leading ECD funders, experts, distribution partners and policy makers

  • Be eligible to apply for our Virtual ECD Demo Week

  • Have direct access to and can sign up for:

    • Monthly office hours with the Promise Venture Studio team

    • Venture-building workshops (advanced and beginner)

    • Promise Venture Network Community of peer venture leaders and field experts (coming soon)

    • Expert mentorship via Ask-Me-Anythings, fireside chats and free consulting services on design, distribution and product development (coming soon)

Open Venture Resources — Ongoing

Our Open Venture Resources are just that — open, accessible resources for all early childhood entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to up-level their scale and impact, or might just need help getting started. These include:

Virtual ECD Demo Week — expected fall 2019 (more info to come)

This fall 2019, we will host our first Virtual ECD Demo Week where we will feature 75+ of the most promising ECD ventures with the field’s leading funders, experts, policy makers and more. Applications will open in summer 2019.

As part of Demo Week, we will have a 4-week hands-on program to ensure that you are prepared to put your best foot forward.

Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, to get a feel for Demo Week, check out highlights from Early Futures, our inaugural field convening from November 2018. Demo Week will be like Early Futures but virtual and with more of you (!) and even more funders, researchers, policy makers, practitioners and other experts.