Spurring innovation and impact in early childhood development

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We envision a world where all children, no matter their background, can fulfill their innate promise. 

By building a diverse community of entrepreneurs and a healthy ecosystem of ventures, we can inspire change across all facets of early childhood development.



We focus on mission-driven entrepreneurs and organizations that impact the most critical stage in a child's life, age 0-5, and aim to reach the most disadvantaged families in the U.S.

We support for-profit and nonprofit ventures at any stage of development. 

Our Approach

We provide entrepreneurs with hands-on support, access to resources and targeted programs to help them tackle the unique and complex challenges of early childhood development.

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...the world’s brightest to apply their talent to early childhood development.

We engage and inspire a wide range of practitioners, social entrepreneurs, academics, technologists, parents and caregivers through brainstorms, challenges, hackathons, conferences and events. 

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…entrepreneurs to build successful ventures with sustainable social impact.

We create an environment that allows entrepreneurs to try, fail and learn fast, and urges them to be rigorous about impact. We meet entrepreneurs where they are through tailored incubator and accelerator programs, including workshops, trainings, mentorship and demo days.

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...disparate stakeholders to encourage communication and collaboration across boundaries. 

Our community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders enables continuous learning and feedback — and cultivates the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Every newborn's promise fulfilled