Spurring innovation and impact in early childhood development

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We envision a world where all children, no matter their background, can fulfill their innate promise. 

Promise is a nonprofit venture studio that attracts, supports, and connects promising entrepreneurial talent, capital, and stakeholders to pave the way for the sustainable growth and impact of social entrepreneurship in Early Childhood Development (ECD).

By building a diverse community of social entrepreneurs and a healthy ecosystem of early childhood ventures, we can inspire change, accelerate impact, and improve child outcomes.



We focus on mission-driven entrepreneurs who are building ventures that impact the most critical stage in a child's life, prenatal to age 5, and aim to reach the most disadvantaged families and communities in the U.S.

We support social entrepreneurs along their entire journey; their ventures can be at any stage of development, nonprofit or for-profit.

What we do

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...more and more diverse entrepreneurial talent to the field through events, conferences, challenges, university prizes, hackathons and brainstorms.

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…social entrepreneurs to build their ECD ventures and advance their path to scale and impact with targeted programs, content and networks.

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...key ECD stakeholders — entrepreneurs, funders, researchers, experts and policy makers — through demo days, strategic introductions, field convenings and local gatherings.

Every newborn's promise fulfilled