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As part of our goal to support and attract both new and more diverse talent to the field — and convince them to stick with it — we aim to build the go-to place for all-things innovation and entrepreneurship in early childhood development (ECD). Our resources are intended to provide a comprehensive view of the field and help you navigate its many complexities and disparate stakeholders. We hope that they might also help you identify a next connection, deepen your knowledge and / or spark a new idea.

Keep in mind that we are a start-up too, and this is a work in progress. Our resources need to grow and evolve with your needs — and meet you where you are, whether you’re a social entrepreneur, an experienced ECD professional or brand new to the field.

In that spirit, if you have a question or are looking for information and don’t see it, don’t be shy and tell us. Chances are, if you have the question, someone else does too.

The Innovation Landscape

Our aim is to have a complete view of the key players in ECD, including: 1) ventures and existing organizations, 2) funders and 3) experts. These three core audiences make up the ECD innovation ecosystem needed to drive outcomes for the children, families and communities facing the greatest adversities.

Below you’ll find the sector’s most complete indices of 1) ventures and existing organizations and 2) funders. We’re working on 3) experts — it’s on our 2019 roadmap. You’ll also find 4) highlights from Early Futures, our inaugural field convening in November 2018 that featured 52 promising ECD ventures with 200 of the sector’s most influential leaders.

  1. Promise ECD Venture Index — includes ventures bringing new innovations to market and organizations seeking to scale their current successful operation

    • You can sort this list by business model, domain and location.

    • To be added to the ECD Venture Index, please join the Promise Venture Network.

  2. Promise ECD Funder Index — includes funders who have directly invested in ECD or a related field

    • If you’re a funder and not on this list, please fill out this short form, and we’ll do the rest.

  3. Promise ECD Experts Index: this is on our 2019 roadmap — please stay tuned.

  4. Highlights from Early Futures

Promise Venture Studio Resources

We have a saying, “build once, use many”, that applies to venture resource here. We’ve been told that they are useful at any stage.

  1. Promise Venture Framework — provides a venture pitch outline that will help sharpen your thinking and how to communicate it

  2. Promise Venture Profile — great forcing function to whittle down what you do and why it matters to one page. It also serves as an incredibly effective tool to introduce yourself, make connections and use as a leave-behind. Plus, you’ll be added to our Promise ECD Venture Index once you’ve completed one, which gets regularly shared with leading funders and experts.

Additional Venture-Building Resources

Check these out as potential ways to help you take the next step towards scale and impact.

Brand New to ECD?

We’ve started to curate and develop content that will give you context into the field and why innovation and entrepreneurship are important and urgent. We will continue to evolve this content; in the meantime, please send questions and requests our way.

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Are these resources helpful? What else would you like to see and are there any topics that you'd like to help create? We both need and value your input, so please tell us what you think. Thanks!