Funder Resources

Whether you’re an active, recent, or prospective funder or investor in Early Childhood Development (ECD), we help make your job easier. Promise brings forward and connects you to the most promising organizations and talent in ECD, as well as to peer funder organizations.

ECD Venture Index

Our ECD Venture Index is the most comprehensive and open database of social entrepreneurs and ventures in ECD. You can easily search and sort by your primary areas of interest.

ECD Field Primers

Want to learn more about a particular topic within ECD? Whether you’re interested in science, curriculum, systems and more, we can help you get started. Our primers give an overview on key areas of innovation and impact within ECD, including promising strategies for changing outcomes at scale.

Additional Resources

How can we support you? (Survey)

We're in the midst of building out more targeted programs for early childhood philanthropists and investors — both existing leaders and newcomers. Our goal is to make connections between funders and promising ventures easier, faster, and more targeted.

To help shape these support and education resources,, we kindly ask you to complete our ten question, 5-minute Need-finding Survey for Early Childhood Philanthropists & Investors

If you'd like to share additional feedback, or play a role in future local and national programs, please reach out.