Funder Programs

Whether you’re an active, recent, or prospective funder or investor in Early Childhood Development (ECD), we help make your job easier by bringing forward and connecting you to the most promising organizations and talent in ECD.

Virtual Design Sessions

Join us for a tour of innovation in early childhood, combined with an interactive design session with other ECD funders. RSVP for an upcoming session:

About the Design Sessions:
The Promise team will share an overview of innovation and social entrepreneurship in early childhood, including examples of some of the most promising new ventures and organizations. We'll also learn from you: in this critical phase, we'd love to hear about where you see opportunities in the field and challenges that might be getting in the way. We also hope to get candid feedback from you on our initial plans for programming for philanthropists and investors.

Early Childhood Demo Series (coming soon)

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At our inaugural field convening, Early Futures, many of the 200 attendees asked us to build on the momentum by offering a broader platform for sharing ideas.  In response, we’re hosting Early Childhood Demo Days, a series of online, live events to showcase the most promising innovations across ECD.  

Please join us to be part of a national open marketplace for ECD innovation and impact. Funders, ventures, and key partners will discover, inform, and connect with each other.

Submit your nominations for expert speakers, innovative ventures, and case studies relevant to these topics. You may nominate yourself and others.

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How can we support you? (Survey)

We're in the midst of building out more targeted programs for early childhood philanthropists and investors — both existing leaders and newcomers. Our goal is to make connections between funders and promising ventures easier, faster, and more targeted.

To help shape these support and education resources,, we kindly ask you to complete our ten question, 5-minute Need-finding Survey for Early Childhood Philanthropists & Investors

If you'd like to share additional feedback, or play a role in future local and national programs, please reach out.

Want to see what resources we’re already offering funders? Check out our Funder Resources page for primers on key ECD topics, profiles of promising ventures, and more.