The Promise Venture Network

The Promise Venture Network is a growing community of social entrepreneurs focused on Early Childhood Development (ECD) supported by Promise Venture Studio and one another to pursue scale and social impact.

As a member of the Promise Venture Network, you will:

  • Learn practical skills and gain valuable insights to advance your venture or organization

  • Make connections to key ECD stakeholders who otherwise would be hard to reach

  • Be in the know about upcoming ECD opportunities and the field’s latest research and thought leadership

Benefits of the Promise Venture Network:

  • Connections

    • Inclusion of your Venture Profile in the Promise ECD Venture Index that is regularly viewed and shared by leading Early Childhood Development funders, experts, distribution partners, and policy makers

    • Ongoing eligibility for our Early Childhood Demo Week, customer events, and other national, and local convenings

  • Support

  • Community

    • Network of peer venture leaders (including access to our entrepreneur Slack forum)

    • Mentors and ECD experts available via Ask-Me-Anythings, fireside chats, and more

Criteria to join the Network:

  • To join the Network the first step is to complete a Venture Profile for our Venture Index. Your profile helps us match you with the right resources and opportunities.

  • We welcome social entrepreneurs working in the U.S. early childhood space, defined as prenatal to age 5, inclusive of the adults who care for children and influence their environments. That can include parents, caregivers, educators, pediatricians, social workers, and more.

  • Network members may be focused on early education, early health, social services, child care, parental support / education, technology, or any other adjacent field.

  • The Network is open to early childhood-focused nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies of any stage (idea, early, growth, mature).

The Promise team is mission-driven with a strong focus on execution. I love the team’s culture of continuous feedback on how to best support entrepreneurs like myself. They have provided support across topics ranging from policy issues to sales negotiations. They are exactly the type of partner I would hope for as we scale our venture. I feel fortunate to have such a strong team in my corner.
— Tammy Kwan, co-founder and CEO, Cognitive Toybox
In all my years as a nonprofit entrepreneur (now almost 20 years), I’ve never had access to such great feedback and training. Promise workshops are super helpful, concise, detailed, practical. And the feedback from peers is great. It is so rare as an entrepreneur to have time to step back for learning, and even more rare as a nonprofit entrepreneur to have access to high-level business expertise. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this community.
— Bethany Robertson, co-founder and co-director, ParentsTogether